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Rashash Siddur, first edition. Jerusalem 1911-1912

Kabbalistic siddur called the Rashash Siddur, two parts in one volume. First printed “in holiness and after ablution and purification[!]”, prayers for everyday with kabbalistic kavanot and additions of holy names amidst the blessings. The Admor of Munkatch, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Shapira, the Darchei Tshuva and Be’er LaChai Roi, writes in his endorsement: “he who takes the siddur in happiness, will take a blessing to his home with it, and he who doesn’t have wisdom, this will encourage him and advise him to good, and will bring a blessing to his home and will preserve him.” First edition. [4], 139, 161 pages. New binding with golden inscriptions. Cover partially repaired, first pages repaired at the edges, stains. Generally good condition.
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