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LOT: 198

Rare! Manuscript of a Large Siddur with Rare Text Versions and Halachot – Yemen, early 17th century.

Especially large, impressive manuscript of a prayer book for Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays. Unknown writer. A large section has superlinear vocalization. The manuscript includes selichot that do not appear in other "Tachlal" prayer books, primarily of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi and Rabbi Yitzchak Ibn Ghiyyat , Seder Havodah of Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra and the Seder Havoda of Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabriol (of 4 that are known), piyutim and selichot with laws of tefilin. The text of "Shofet Kol Ha'aretz" with acrostic of the name "Shlomo" in an unknown version. "Keter Malchut" of Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabriol appears without the kabalistic passage of Mori Yechya Aldhari (added by the Maharitz in a later period). At the end of the selichot there is a commentary from an unknown writer that we have not found in other comparable works known to us. The nosach "Marnut" according to what is today used in "Nusach Shami." Chiddushei HaRav [unknown reference] with laws and novellae [ perhaps referring to Mori Yitzthak Vana] quotes the commentary in the name of Rabbeinu Yonah and other laws of berachos for after Kippur and then berachot for spices the moon, wayfarer's prayer, circumcision and mitzvos, hymns for a circumcision and related ideas. The calculation of the intercalation was made later, than the rest of the written work. The name שלמה בן שלם ידיע בן אלקרעה appears in one location [does not appear in the Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages]. Collection of rebuke and supplication. Text of the Birkat Kohanim according to the Ramban. Kaddish Batra in the original Baladi version. Starts on leaf 130. More than 300 pages. 32x21 cm. Many worming holes. Overall moderate condition.
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