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LOT: 007

Rare: Iggerot HaRamaz [Rabbi Moshe Zakut] – first edition, Livorno, 1780

The book Iggerot HaRamaz, letters by the kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zakut that discusses topics of kabbalah, teachings on the writings of the Ari, laws and customs on different topics. Printed at the end is ‘Elef Alfin’ – a bakasha of one thousand words that all begin with the letter alef with a commentary – first edition, Livorno, 1780. [4], 48 leaves. Worming holes and stains. Detached binding. Overall moderate binding. The kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Zakut, author of the book Shorshei Hashemot on the Holy Names, Kol HaRamaz on the Mishna and more. The Chida, in his book Shem Hagedolim wrote about him that “his wisdom and sanctity are known throughout the land.” A disciple of Rabbi Binyamin Hacohen (the Rabach), Rabbi Avraham Rovigo and others.
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