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LOT: 086

Rare, exciting painting made with enamelling, of Rabbeinu the Chafetz Haim. Russia, 1980s

Portrait of Rabbi Meir HaKohen of Radin, the Chafetz Haim and author of the Mishnah Berurah as well, professionally done with enamelling of copper, rare. Colorful enamelling—A colored material formed from the melting of glass powder on a substrate layer, such as metal, glass, ceramics, or stone, by baking - most often at a temperature of 750 to 850 °C. Stamped “O. Eichinger”, the artist Otto Eichinger (1922-2004), who drew the portrait, plus two more signatures probably by the artist of the enamelling. Generally very good condition. 6.5x9.5cm.
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