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LOT: 083

Psak Din signed by the Admor the Baba Meir, Rabbi Meir Abuhatzira, with signatures of dayanim of Arfoud (Morocco), 1955

Approval from the Beit Din in Arfoud for sale of a property. At the end is an addition handwritten and signed by the Admor Rabbi Meir Abuhatzira. Snd signatures of additional dayanim. The Admor Rabbi Meir was the first son of the Baba Sali, known as the Baba Meir, served in the Moroccan rabbinate. In 1965 he moved to Israel and talmidim and rabbis came to his home in Ashdod to receive advice and be strengthened. His sons are famous Admors of the Abuhatzira family: Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzira hy”d, Rabbi David Hai Abuhatzira of Nahariya. Signs of folding, generally excellent condition.
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