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Piskei Halachot Racannati—Bologna 1538

An important book of halacha quoted by the gedolim who came after, including the Beit Yosef and those who followed him. By Rabbeinu Menachem of Racannati. First edition, printed by the partners of Bologna. | Rabbi Menachem Raccanati (1250-1310) was a kabbalist and important posek living in Racannati, Italy. Was among the first kabbalists in Italy and was famous mainly because of his commentary “Racannati on the Torah,” based on the foundations of kabbalah. Had a great deal of influence on the kabbalists who followed him. This book is even commented on by Rabbi Mordechai Yafeh, the HaLevushim. | Signature and listings of ownership in Hebrew and Italian. Moth holes, no binding. | [9], 46, [3] pages. 21cm. Ok condition.
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