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LOT: 013

Lot of 3 books from Alexandrian [Na Amun] Egypt printings, 1878-1901

Lot of books printed in Alexandria: 1. Pirkei Avot with commentary in Arabic (Judeo-Arabic using Hebrew letters), from Rabbi David HaNaggid ben Rabbi Avraham ben HaRambam. First edition, 1901. [3], 107 leaves. The first leaf has an engraving of “the portrait of the Rambam”. Colorful title page, repaired with some missing part of page, first pages are detached, various stains, fraying in the spine, overall good condition. 2. Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah with the commentary “Roshi BaShamayim by Rabbi David ben Rabbi Shlomo Mizrahi, the Shtilei Zeitim; and Shoshanat HaMelech by Rabbi Yehuda Moshe Ratzabi. First edition 1895. [2], 76, 94 leaves. Pages detached, binding detached, dark stains in the last third, no spine. Overall fair condition. 3. Menorat HaMaor HaKadmon, by Rabbi Moshe Frankfurter, a dayan of Amsterdam. Printed in 1878. 230 leaves in the original, this copy is missing the last leaf. Last pages detached, binding partially detached, title page detached, tape on the title page and additional pages, overall fair condition.
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