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LOT: 063

PirkeiAvot with the commentary of the grandson of the Rambam, Rabbi David HaNaggid. First edition, Alexandria 1901.

Commentary in Judeo-Arabic (in Hebrew letters) by Rabbi David HaNaggid ben Rabbi Avraham son of the Rambam. Published by Rabbi Baruch Haim Hanan and printed in Alexandria. Page with an illustration made from an engraving of “the image of RabbeinuHaRambam.” Stamp and signature of “Shalom Haim ben Sa’adiyaTzarom.” First pages disconnected. Various stains. Original binding with a leather spine, gilded inscription, a little worn. Generally ok to good condition. Rabbi Shalom Haim Tzarom (1893-1973) was born in Jerusalem, grandson of Rabbi Shalom Yosef Araki, who served as Av Beit Din in the Yemenite community in Jerusalem and was among the most public figures of the Va’adEidatSefardim and Teimanim in Jerusalem.
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