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LOT: 042

Pamphlet to fill in gaps in the Shas printed in the new printing with Rashi and Tosafot, old Tosafot and additions of the Rosh, kitzur psakei haRosh and the commentary of the Rambam, and all psaks of Tosafot from Avoda Zara, with glosses relating to them. Brought from an old Shas (Yashan Noshan) printed without anything missing. First edition of the supplement to fill in what was removed by the various censorships of the Shas at that time. No author, hints at his name in the end of the introduction as “Asher”, but no other details are known about him. The place and year of printing are also omitted so as not to fall afoul of the censor. Before us is a pamphlet that first concentrated all the omissions that were known until then and was actually the first to complete the Shas from all the different editions that started appearing at the time. 108, 36 pages. 18 cm. Overall good-very good condition, little bit missing on the last 2 pages. New binding. Stamps of ownership of Rabbi Menachem Zvi Eichenstein, a rabbi in St. Louis, son of Rabbi Avraham, the Admor of Zidichev in Chicago.

With minchah and ma’ariv for the weekday and for motzei shabbat, and Birkat HaLevana and Shema for bed. With instructions in Yiddish. Includes five pages with engravings—illustrations of the gathering of the wheat, the splitting of the Red Sea, two engravings on Lag B’Omer, and one on bringing the Bikkurim. 72 pages. 10cm. New, handsome leather binding, given in a matching box with inscriptions. Light defects. Generally very good condition.
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