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Painting of the Binding of Isaac, given as a gift to a Righteous Among the Nations, Dr. Karl Ernst Gruber

Pastel painting on paper “The Binding of Isaac,” given by an unidentified Shoah survivor (including a dedication handwritten on the back) to Dr. Heinrich Karl Ernst Gruber, (June 1891 – November 1975). He was a Protestant priest in Berlin during World War II, who worked to save Jews during the Shoah while putting his own life in danger. In 1964 he was named a Righteous Among the Nations. As part of his work for the Jews of Germany, he met Adolf Eichmann a number of times as he was an SS officer in charge of expelling and transporting Jews to death camps in Eastern Europe. He served as a witness for the prosecution against Eichmann in the 1961 trial. Very good condition.
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