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LOT: 079

Ot Emet – Prague, 1624. Facsimile edition.

Facsimile of the second edition (the first edition was published in Salonika in 1565). Glosses and corrections of mistakes in the Mechilta, Sifra, Sifrei, Midrash Raba and Tanchuma, Midrash Shmuel, Midrash Tehilim, Midrash Mishlei, and Yalkut Torah. “Seder Kedusha,” glosses on the order of tefillot among Sefardim, with some pizmonim. By Rav Meir Benvenisti. | Elegant binding, dark & quality pages. | 70 (supposed to be 90) pages. 36cm. Generally very good condition.
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