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LOT: 037

Olat Chodesh, second edition—Lemberg 1854, with an interesting signature

Drashot and eulogies organized chronologically by month, by Rabbi Sinai ben Rabbi Eliezer Sapir. Includes interesting eulogies on the sages of the author’s generation. Cover and an additional page are missing. [2], 80 pages in the original. Moth damage and stains, generally good condition. Interesting stamp of ownership: “Yosef Nachum Lipsky ben Rav Aryeh, Petah Tikva, Israel.” Last page has an additional note: “the young Yosef Menachem ben Rav Aryeh Lipsky.” Probably this is referring to Rabbi Yosef Menachem Mendel ben Baruch Aryeh Lipsky, a sage of Grodzisk. A kushiya of his appears in Neta’ei Eitan Remisiya.”
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