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LOT: 086

Novlot Chochmah, only printing – facsimile edition.

Basel, 1630. By Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Rofeh (Yashar) of Candia. | Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Delmegido (1591-1655), known as the Yashar of Candia, was the grandson of R”a Delmegido (the Bekhinat HaDat). Was a rabbi, philosopher, and studied medicine and science. Among other things, studied with Galileo Galilei. For a number of years was the personal doctor of the Prince of Lithuania, Janos Radzivil, when he also studied other sciences and medicine, while at night studying Talmud and kabbalah. At the end of his life he was the Av Beit Din and Ram of Hamburg and Amsterdam. There were those who claimed that his reference to kabbalah was negative (as a result of his grandfather, who was opposed to kabbalah), but HaHida praises him, and says in the introduction to Metzaref L’Chochma that later rabbis read him widely. | Elegant binding, thick & quality pages. Printed by Renaissance Hebraica, Brooklyn NY. Printed between 1-10 facsimile copies only. | [2], [8], 208 pages. 22cm. Generally very good condition.
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