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LOT: 167

Netivot Shalom, first edition, with dedication and signature of the author, the Admor Rabbi Shalom Noach Berezovsky of Slonim.

On Torah and chassidut, Avodat Hashem, and Taharat HaMidot. Printed during his lifetime. 317, [1] page. No defects, good condition. The blank front page has an important handwritten note: “To mark the bar mitzvah of our student Shlomo Pinchas Eyalenberg may these words be close to your heart and reach to the heavens with the blessing of peace, Noach Berezovsky, 12th of Tevet 1984.” Admor Rabbi Shalom Noach Berezkovsky of Slonim (1911-2000) was the son of Rabbi Moshe Avraham of Bernovitz. His father-in-law was Rabbi Avraham Weinberg, the Admor Birkat Avraham of Slonim-Jerusalem. His father was head of the Bernovitz community and an important Slonim chassid there. He would write his rabbi’s divrei torah (the Admor of Slonim-Bernovitz), and then moved to Israel and served as Rosh Yeshivat Chabad in Tel Aviv. In 1940 he served as the head of the Beit Avraham yeshiva in Jerusalem, and after his father-in-law’s death he was appointed his successor. He authored many books on sugiyot in Shas, a series of books (Netivot Shalom) on Jewish thought.
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