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LOT: 087

Nekudot HaKesef, first printing – facsimile edition.

On the Song of Songs with Ladino translation and commentaries. Bragadin printing, Venice 1619 (facsimile). By Rabbi Avraham Laniado. | Rabbi Avraham Laniado (born in 1545) moved to France and studied with Rabbi Yosef Karo, he was the student and son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel Laniado, the Kli Yakar. Travelled to Venice, where he printed the book in front of us, and the Kli Yakar of his father-in-law. | Elegant binding, thick & quality pages. Printed by Renaissance Hebraica, Brooklyn NY. Only between 1-10 facsimile copies were printed. [2], 70 pages. 22cm. Very good condition.
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