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LOT: 106

“Mishne Torah,” of the Rambam with “Kesef Mishneh” of Maran Beit Yosef—first edition! Venice 1574, complete set—four wonderful volumes. Lists, signatures, and glosses.

“Mishneh Torah” of Rabbeinu Moshe ben Maimon, the Rambam, with objections of the Ravad, the Maggid Mishneh, with “Kesef Mishneh” of the Gaon Yosef Karo, with pictures specifically related to the Kiddush HaChodesh by the Maharlabach. 4 sections, first edition of the composition “Kesef Mishneh” of the Rambam, printed by Maran the Beit Yosef in his lifetime. First section—(22) 316 pages. Second section—(9) 219 pages. Third section—(20) 451 (1) page. Fourth section—(10) 297, (9) page. (Winograd 600). Complete, very amazing set, extremely rare, 4 volumes with new red binding with gilded engraving, some of the pages were completed from other copies, pages with various levels of damage, all professionally restored. Signatures and lists handwritten with a number of glosses amongst the pages. At the end of the fourth section is a long list in Ashkenazi handwriting from 1810.
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