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LOT: 006

Mishnat Chassidim – a work of kabbalah. Second edition, Amsterdam 1740.

Kavanot of the prayers based on writings of the Ari and his students, by the great kabbalist Rabbi Emmanuel Hai Riki. Published during the author’s lifetime. [6], 132, [2] pages. Endorsements by Rabbi Yaakov Abuhav, Rabbi Haim Abulafya, Rabbi Hillel Ashkenazi, and more. At the end of the second preface the author wrote a nice poem on “Olamot Neshamot Kavanot.” Old, worn binding, probably original, without a spine, stains; generally good condition. The back of the binding has a signature written in Sefardi handwriting: “Yehuda SheTechuna”. The cover bears an additional signature in Sefardi handwriting: “Aharon Refael Hamo”—probably Rabbi Refael ben Machluf ben Hamo of Sefrou (Morocco). This person likewise wrote one letter of his name on each page until his name was completed. Additional signature: “Ziskind Speyer.” This is the main work of Rabbi Emmanuel Hai Riki, an important kabbalistic work printed twice during his lifetime and then many additional times after his death. He wrote other books such as Aderet Eliyahu and Chazeh Zion Tehilim, Hon Ashir, and more. The house built by him in Jerusalem also served Rabbi Haim ben Atar (the Or HaChayim) for his yeshiva, Knesset Yisrael
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