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Mishnat Chachamim (mishnayot). 1900. Lemberg. And the book AvneiShayish by RavShlomo Yehuda Schwartz, hy”d. Budapest 1937.

Two books in one volume, with stamp of Rabbi Menachem HaKohen Sapir on the back of the binding, and on the cover of AvneiShayish. Mishnat Chachamim is a collection of mishnayot to study in memory of someone who has died, with Yiddish translation. Printed by P. Bedanorsky; Hirsch Shlag. [92] pages, 19cm. AvneiShayish: Aggadah on the Torah and holidays, pilpul on the issue of Chazakahd’Hashata, kiddushin, Bava Batra. RavShlomo Yehuda Schwartz (1909-?), a student of the Da’atSofer and Rabbi Yisrael Walz of Budapest. He was the son-in-law of Rabbi Daniel Buchinger of Schtinmanger, and moved there to study. Perished in the Shoah. Printer: MeshulamKatzburg. 6, 58 pages. Generally good condition.
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