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LOT: 091

Miniature wooden Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh), with silver, coated in gold, inlaid with gemstones, wonderfully beautiful.

Miniature wooden ark made by a professional artist by hand, wood integrated with silver, gold leaf, with hammer work, casting, cutting, and welding. Inside are fixed atzei hayyim (finials) or rolling a Sefer Torah as in the Mizrahi tradition. Six silver lions coated in gold lie on the roof and two additional ones on the sides. The ark stands o na stepped base with three levels. On both sides of the opening are pillars with silver and gold leaf, decorations on the steps and on the angles—plants and vines inlaid with gemstones and the Tablets. On the roof are two additional crowns attached to the finials inside. Also on the roof is a silver plate surrounded by a matching bouquet. The doors of the heichal feature unique decorations of the 12 tribes, made with silver coated in gold. Perpendicular to the profile is a silver plank in the shape of a palm tree with a pair of antelope. Wonderful work, especially pretty. Size: 39x30cm. Height: 59cm. The opening is 34x22cm. Overall very good condition.
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