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LOT: 151

Metzukei Aretz—first book of Sokolov. Warsaw 1878.

On physical geography. First book by Nachum Sokolov, written when he was only 19 years old. Printed by Goldman. Nachum Sokolov (1859-1936) was a journalist, author, and Zionist leader. At Herzl’s request, he translated Herzl’s utopic novel Altneuland. Among his roles was the achievement of the Balfour Declaration (1917), representing the Zionist movement at the Versailles Peace Conference (1919), and being elected the leader of the Zionist movement (1920). From then on he led all of the Zionist Congresses, and in the 17th Congress he was chosen instead of Chaim Weizmann to be president of the World Zionist Histadrut. Died in London in 1936, and 20 years later his remains were brought to Jerusalem to be reburied. | Pages disconnected, no binding. Moth damage. 96 pages. 20cm. Generally bad to ok condition.
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