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LOT: 251

Manuscript of the Gaon Rabbi Mordechai Zeev Orenstein, son of the Yeshuot Yaakov, Av Beit Din of Przmyslan.

10 pages written on both sides by hand. A deep pilpul on the Shas. The author was a posek of Galicia, born in Lviv, at a young age became famous across Galicia for the answers that he gave to halachic questions that appeared in his father’s book. Strongly opposed chassidut (one time rebuked Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Ruzhin). Died suddenly at a young age, in 1837. Attached is a certificate of handwriting recognition from Rabbi Yitzchak Yeshayahu Weiss. New leather binding with gilded inscriptions. 19cm. Good condition.
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