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LOT: 455

Manuscript of the book “Yamin Moshe”—“Shochtei HaYeladim” and more. Sa’ada 1825.

2 manuscripts bound together: 1. “Yamin Moshe,” by the Rambam, halachot of ritual slaughter with notes and additions. An early copy, writer unknown. 2. “Shochtei Yeladim” with exegeses and commentaries on the Rambam, halachot of ritual slaughter and impure meat. Seems to be a copy. All written with nice, orderly handwriting, with a stylistic cover page at the start of the book. 2 complete books, more than 100 pages. Yemen. At the end is a flowing signature, seems to be a signature of ownership, “Daoud ben Musa” Size 17cm, generally good condition, thick pages, title page damaged in the margins. Stains and wear. Simple binding.
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