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LOT: 072

Manuscript of prayers for the ill and the seder Pitom HaKetoret for stopping plague. Italy, 18 th century

In a pocket edition. [3], 28, [4], 15 pages. Written and voweled in scribe handwriting on thick paper. Page cuttings are gilded. Original leather binding with gilded inscriptions of decorative frames and in their center. In the anterior binding, there is a medallion with a dedication in Italian. The rear has a decoration of a medallion, with the figure of a lion, circle with a five- pointed star (seems to be a symbol) and S.C.A.L written, the initials of the Latis family of Italy. A famous family of rabbis in Italy. The manuscript is divided into two sections, each has an illustrated cover. The first includes prayers for the sick, for men, the Mi SheBerach, prayer to change a name, prayers for sick women, prayer for one having a breakdown, prayer for smallpox. The second has the order of ketoret for plague, and holy names for kavanot. After the cover are dedications. After those are two songs with an acrostic of Mordechai Latis. Size: 12.5cm. Light moisture stains, generally good condition.
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