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LOT: 063

Manuscript of Lashon Khachamim. Copy handwritten by Rav Yehiel Yaakov Elyakim. 1806

The book is organized alphabetically, and is a handbook for constructing rhymes, authored by a student of the Pri Chadash and rabbi of HaHida, the Rishon LeZiyyon HaRav Yitzhak HaKohen Rapaport. On the cover page the copier (HaRav Yehiel Yaakov Elyakim) writes an inscription. On the page after the cover there is an introduction by the Gaon Maharikh, and afterwards a long introduction by the copier. Cursive signature of the copier. Rav Yitzhak HaKohen Rapaport (1680-1755) was a rabbi and posek in Izmir and Jerusalem. Among his students: Rav Haim Yosef David Azoulay (the HaHida), who mentions him often in his compositions and calls him “Moreinu HaRav Batei Kehuna;” Rabbi Yisrael Yaakov Algazi, Rabbi Haim Abulafya (the second), Rabbi Masoud Hai Rokeach (the Ma’aseh Rokeach on the Rambam), Rav Mordechai Rubio, and more. At the end of his life he served as the Rishon Leziyyon. Bured in Mt. of Olives next to Zecharia the Prophet, and his grave was destroyed during Arab pogroms. The copier Rav Yiehiel Yaakov bar Yisrael Haim Yosef Elyakim is the son-in- law of Rabbi David Majer, a sage of the Beit El kabbalist yeshiva in Jerusalem. Authored the book Dikduk Sofrim, published many other books. In the National Library there is a copy of a book in his handwriting, Yad Yaakov, from 1805. On the cover are very old signatures of ownership “Shmuel Becher Ezra,” “Hizkiyahu Avraham Becher Shlomo Elizer.” 14x40cm, the pages are in a long and narrow format. The cover is illustrated and colored in a variety of colors, with frames around the introductions. Pretty writing. Repairs without damage to text on the second page. Moth damage, ok to good condition.
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