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LOT: 056

Manuscript of book “Olat Avraham” by Rabbi Avraham ben Tzalach on the halachot of shekhita, treifut, isur and heter. Aden, 1887. Unknown autograph

A previously unknown autograph manuscript! Olat Avraham by Rabbi Avraham ben Tzalach, halachot of shekhita, treifut, gifts for the kohanim, issur and heter, salting, milk & meat, and mixing. In the introduction to the book, the author writes that the book is an abbreviation of the halachot Zevach Todah of the Maharitz (Mori Yehiel Tzalach) and Lehem Todah of the Mahariv (Mori Yehiel Basiri) and the great achronim: The Pri Hadash, HaKolbo, Chayei Adam, Ba’al HaTruma, and more. At the end of the manuscript are two illustrations of the lung and what makes it treif and signs for kashrut. The identity of the scribe is unknown and does not appear in the Encyclopedia of Yemenite Sages. 114 pages, size: 11x14cm. Lists and a pamphlet attempted on the dust jacket. Nice, uniform writing. Many additions and notes in the margins and the spine. Light moth marks, generally good condition.
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