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LOT: 057

Manuscript copy of Sefer HaMussar by Rabbi Yehiel Chahari. Yemen, 1904

By Rabbi Yehiel ben Sa’adiya Chahari, one of the greatest 16 th century Yemenite sages. In Judeo-Arabic. 45 chapters divided into booklets. Composition on the journeys to the countries of the east and events in Yemen during his lifetime. Funny sections with folk tales, animal parables, and riddles. Chapters with admonitions and morality. Poems of thanksgiving, other stories and compositions. The book was published by Professor Yehuda Ratzabi in 1965. On the last page there is an additional section after the end of the book that does not appear in the printed edition. Rabbi Yehiel ben Sa’adiya Chahari composed more than 11 texts known today. The identity of the copier is not known (possibly one of the students of Rav Yehiel Kapach). Size: 24x18cm. 332 pages, nice and uniform writing, original binding, light moth marks, generally very good condition.
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