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Maharam b’Rabbi, first edition—Prague 1793

Second section, on Masechtot Yoma, Sukka, Gittin, Holin, and Shvuot. At the end are droshim on the Torah and chiddushim on the Five Shitot. By Gaon Rabbi Meir B’rabbi, Av Beit Din of Pressburg. Rare endorsement by the Noda B’Yehuda, who writes that “for many years I have constructed for myself a fence against writing endorsements…but had I known of the great genius of the respected and famous Rabbi Meir B’Rabbi, I would not have so sworn.” | Page before the cover has a listing and stamp of ownership of Rabbi Mordechai Zvi Martin HaKohen, Av Beit Din of Deutchesemartin. | Dark, thick, quality pages, missing spine, moth holes, stains. | [2] 107 pages. 33cm. Generally good condition.
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