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LOT: 001

Machzor for the Three Pilgrimage Festivals – Slavita, 1823

Machzor - Part II, for all three pilgrimage festivals. Nusach Ashkenaz. “With an interpretation in the holy tongue and the Ashkenaz tongue (Yiddish)”. Part of the wording on the cover is printed in red ink. The whole of the book is printed on paper with a bluish hue. In the print of Rabbi Moshe Shapira (whom Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi describes as: “The great, famous and pious Rabbi and Torah scholar) – Rabbi of Slavita and son of the Holy Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz, for the books that were printed in the template of Slavita, are known to be of unique holiness, the printing tool and letters were soaked in the mikve before the printing begun. It is well known that possessing a book printed in the print of Slavita brings about virtues of success and protection of the home. 24 “cm. Binding is half leather. Stickers reinforce the cover and several pages. Minor moth holes. The book is complete in its entirety. Overall condition: Good-Very Good.
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