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Ma’avar Yavak (Amsterdam, 18th century).

112 chapters (“Yavak” in gematriya) including prayers for a sick person, his family, and those around him when he dies and is buried. The book has a great deal of influence in the field of psikat halacha regarding the afterlife of a Jew. Divided into four articles: Sfatei Tzedek, Sfat Emet, Sfatei Ranenut, and Anan HaKetoret (Pitum HaKetorat, Korban Ta’anit, Minchat Aharon). By the Kabbalist Rabbi Aharon Berachya of Modena (died on the 25th of Tammuz, 1639), born in Modena (Italy), studied with Rabbi Hillel HaChassid of Modena and Rabbi Menachem Azarya of Pano, was among the followers of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh di Modena and Rabbi Yisrael Sarug. Certified by the sages of Tzfat. Author of Me’irei Shachar, Me’il Tzedaka, and more. Printed by Propus, (Amsterdam, 18th century?). Moth marks, first and last pages disconnected. Binding, cover page, and page before the final one are missing. | [4], 228 pages. 20cm. Ok condition.
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