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Ma’aseh Choshev, Venice 1716. First edition.

On the labors of the Mishkan, according to mysticism, by the Kabbalist Rabbi Emmanuel Hai Riki. Venice. The Kabbalist Emmanuel Rikki taught in Trieste in his youth (Italy). In order to make the story of the Bible more palpable for his students, he created a model of the Mishkan and its implements out of cardboard. He then wrote his book “Ma’aseh Choshev” on the subject to explain the labors of the Mishkan. The compiler corrected his manuscript many times, and thus they called it the Mahadura Batra. AT the start of the book is an unknown commentary of the compiler on the simanim of the Pesach Seder. 36 (1) page. 20cm, old binding, a little defective. A little moth damage. From page 18 is fixing of the moth marks in the margins with light damage to the text, wear and moisture damage, generally ok to good condition.
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