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LOT: 065

Expensive silver cup for kiddush with enamel paintings of the “process of making wine”, designed by the artist Ezra Landau—Israel, 20th century

Handsome cup for kiddush, modern design made by casting, embossing, enamelling, engraving and sawing. Sterling silver 925, integrated with enamel paintings made by hand, with illustrations showing the process of creating wine during the Second Temple period. Body of the cup highlight pillars which were in the Temple, and the famous Jerusalem stones. The upper portion has the film that was built at the top of the Holy of Holies. Designed by the Judaica artist Ezra Landau. Height: 10cm. Diameter: 6.7cm. Weight: 353g. Very good condition. The artist Ezra Landau was born in 1947 in Oshgoret, Russia. He moved to Israel in 1972. Upon moving to Israel, he began to design unique Judaica items such as: Chanukiyot, goblets and besamim towers, with special and original designs. His works have been very successful, they were purchased by the President's House and brought as gifts to heads of state. His renowned work is the Temple menorah, which is located near the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
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