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Lots Tell Rabbi Eliezer Yadid Halevi

Lots Tell Rabbi Eliezer Yadid Halevi: 1. The book "Minchat Eliezer" Commentary on the Book Etz hachaim' Lmhrc"o, Jerusalem.2. The book "Simchat Yom Tov" sermons eulogy, two sermons by Rabbi Eliezer Papo - Wonderful Counselor, "published in first manuscript," Jerusalem , signatures ownership.3. Book "Arie Shaag" tochachot and mussarim, Jerusalem .4. Book "Dvar Eliezer" Drush on Proo uRvoo, the Torah, and Tzdaka, Jerusalem.5. The book "Shivchei Maharam" great wonders and praises by Rabbi Mordechai Lebaton, Jerusalem .The author, was the second son of Rabbi Yom Tov Yadid Halevy, learned his devotion and piety extreme seclusion and great humility, one of the "individual" yeshiva Mekubalim "Streets river", "Beit-el" and Porat Yosef "died In short days and years of suffering.Total of 5 books mostly good condition.
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