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LOT: 061

Lot with a book and two pamphlets handwritten by the elder Kabbalist Rav Yitzhak Khadouri

Lot of 3 items: 1. book by the Elder Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri, 60 pages handwritten; the first 11 pages he writes names and segulot that he gives to them. From page 12 onwards there is a list of 226 names of people and the problems they brought to him and the blessings he gave through kabbalah. The two last pages he writes anonymously in his handwriting the prayer that he would recite before every request that would come before him. On the last page, HaRav writes secrets in practical kabbalah. Cloth binding, probably done by hand by Rav Khadouri. Light tears to a number of pages. Generally good condition. Size: 12.5x19cm. 2. Two calendars from 1976, in which the Rav lists in his handwriting the names of people and the problems that they brought before him and requests for advice, and the amounts he received for the redeeming of souls. In one there is a list of 127 instances of people coming before him with various issues. The two last pages have 42 names and the amount of money for redeeming. In total, 34 pages. Size: 11x16cm. The second has a list of more than 100 cases of people coming to him with various issues, including money for redeeming souls. 38 pages. Size: 11.5x16.5. Both are unbound. Rav Khadouri was born at the end of the 19 th century in Baghdad (Iraq), in his youth he knew and met the Ben Ish Hai, he received Torah and kabbalah from Baghdad’s sages and from Jerusalem’s sages after he moved there in 1922. During his first years in Jerusalem he made a living binding books and studied at the Beit El and Porat Yosef yeshivot in the Old City. Over the years, his wisdom became famous, his knowledge of mysticism—many went to his home to receive blessings and advice from him, and to receive amulets for their welfare. Died in 2006 after living more than 100 years, in 2006.
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