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LOT: 104

Lot, poster announcement from the Rahak Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzira, the Baba Sali. And a printed page of piyyutim in honor of Rabbi Machluf Abuhatzira. Rare.

1. Poster calling on “my brothers from Morocco and the surrounding area” to take part in a demonstration against autopsies that was to take place in Jerusalem. With a correction handwritten following an error in printing. At the top is written “a holy calling from the Admor Maran Yisrael Abuhatzira,” and in the margins something similar is written. Da’at printing, Jerusalem. Rare. | Signs of folding, stains, tear with minimal missing text at the top of the poster. 35x25cm. Ok to good condition. 2. Printed page of piyyutim in memory of Admor Rabbi Machluf ben Yosef Abuhatzira. At the beginning is a story about a miracle that he did in Fez in Judeo-Arabic. After it are piyyutim in his honor. Rare. Stains, foldings, and small tears. Ok condition. The Baba Sali lived from 1889-1984, was the son of Rabbi Masoud, rabbi of Tafilalt (Morocco), son of the Admor Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira. A gaon in both the revealed and mystical Torah, holy and pure from his youth. Served as chief rabbi of Arfoud and its surrounding areas. In 1964 he moved to Israel and set up his residence in Netivot. Sages and others would come to his home to receive advice and blessings, and he is known as a miracle worker across the Jewish people. His grandsons were the famous Admors of the Abuhatzira family. | Rabbi Machluf ben Yosef Abuhatzira was one of the fathers of the Abuhatzira dynasty, a sage of Fez.
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