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LOT: 071

Lot of two Handwritten manuscripts. Yemen 19th Century.

Lot of two handwritten manuscripts. 19th century. 1. Handwritten Dinei Mila according to the order of Shulchan Aruch including nusach of Brachot for after the mila and BirchatHaOrech (missing). Pleasant and consistent handwriting. Most likely a pocket book of the Mohel of Yemen approximately end of 19th century. 12x9 “cm. 24 pages. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition. 2. Handwritten copy of Shearei Tehara LaMaharitz (incomplete). In spoken Yemenite Hebrew. Writing of a professional author. Additions in the margins. 24 pages. 12x8 “cm. Beginning of the 19th century. New binding. Stains. Overall good condition.
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