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LOT: 051

Lot of Two Hand Written LikuteiHalachotLeHarambam. Yemen 20th Century

Lot of two hand written Likutei Halachot Le Harambam. Yemen 20th Century. 1. Hand written Likutim on the order of Halachot regarding slaughter and treif Le Harambam in pocket format, as the butchers and purgers in Yemen were often accustomed to carry around with them in a sack. The hand writing is from the year 2,255 leshtarot (1945) the author is “Yichye ben Sa’idZaken”. 16 pages. 8x10 “cm. New binding. Overall good condition. 2. First 8 pages of the hand written Likutim LeHatzair Zecharia ben Sa’idia Zaken regarding the Ten Sfirot and Kabbalah. (seems to be an unknown composition). With a curved signature of the author. From page 9 – 59 Likutim on Halachot 70 treif Le Harambam “And I began writing on the fifth day of the month of Heshvan 2,256 leshtarot (1946). The author ‘Yichye ben Sa’id Zaken known as Sharara”. On the last page there is an amulet of love between a man and his wife. 10x8 “cm. New binding. 67 pages. Overall good condition.
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