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LOT: 027

Lot of two books from Amsterdam printings

1. Machzor with the intentions of the piyyutim writers, first section, according to the Ashkenazi custom, with Ashkenaz language. For Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, with laws. Amsterdam 1768, printed by the Propus orphans. 144 page. This edition was published in 9 volumes, before us is the 1st, in good condition, lone bits of moth damage on the first pages. New binding in an old style. 2. Book of Genesis, Tikkun Sofrim, with Rashi’s commentary and the commentary of Rav Don Yitzhak Abarbanel, with chiddushim from Rav Shaul, Av Beit Din of Amsterdam. Amsterdam 1768, printed by Leib Zussmansh, not bound, first pages damaged, stained.
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