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LOT: 012

Lot of 8 books, first editions. Jerusalem, beginning of the 20th century.

1. Davar Eliezer, drosh and mussar. First edition. Printed by Azriel, Jerusalem 1910. By Rav Eliezer Yedid HaLevi (1886-1934), a kabbalist and sage of Jerusalem and Hevron, author of the books Minchat Eliezer and Aryeh Shag. [2], 4-18 pages. 15cm. 2. Minchat Eliezer, kabbalah, on the book Etz Haim by Rabbi Haim Vittel. First edition, printed by Zuckerman, Jerusalem 1910. By Rav Eliezer Yedid HaLevi. [3], 2-48 page. 15cm. 3. Kressiya d’Eliyahu, on Elijah the Prophet. First edition, Jerusalem 1906. By Haviv Haim David Sathon (1827-1907), a sage of Tiberias. His father was fulfilling yibum with the wife of his brother but died while his mother was still pregnant, and he bore the name of his father David and his uncle Haviv, and they added Haim as a segula. He was a head of the Eliyahu HaNavi yeshiva in Haifa, and authored: Takfo shel Nes and Shemesh v’Magen. 8, 155 pages. 19cm. 4. Pilpulei Elimelech on sugiyot of Shas. First edition, Zuckerman printing, Jerusalem 1938. By Rabbi Elimelech Rubinstein of Rahov (1854-1942), son-in-law of the Birkat Haim. Smichah for teaching by Rabbi Schneor Zalman of Lublin, the “Torat Chesed”. [2] 158 page. 21cm. 5. Commentary on Masechet Kalla Rabati (printed in the Vilna Shas) by Rabbi Avraham bar NAtan HaYerachi, a sage of Lunil and one of the great Rishonim; book with tikkunim and notes by Rav Baruch Toledano. First edition, Tiberias. 1906. According to Winograd it was printed in Jerusalem. 28, 51 page. 23cm. 6. Baka LeGalgelet, on sugiyot of the Shas. First edition, Zuckerman printing, Jerusalem 1911. By Rav Eliyahu Elmalayach, rabbi in Algiers and Tangiers. At the end of his life he moved to Jerusalem. With dedication by the son of the author. [8], 54, (53), 55-59, [1], 80-81, [1] page. 24cm. 7. Mei Menuchot, droshim on the books of Genesis and Exodus. First edition, printed by Y.N. Levi, Jerusalem 1900. By Rabbi Refael Birdogo (1747-1822), brother and student of Rabbi Yekutiel Birdogo, uncle of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzira, the Abir Yaakov. Author of Shotim and Chiddushim on the Shas, Kaf Zahav, Leshon Limmudim, Mei Menuchot, and more. With dedication by the publisher. Binding is separated. 12 112 page. 21cm. 8. Doresh Smuchim, on the five books of Torah, two sections, each has a separate cover page. First edition, Ma’arav printing, Jerusalem 1933. By Rav Shimon Vaknin. Rabbi Moshe Kliers, rabbi of Tiberias, writes about him in an endorsement “the Rav HaMuvhak, filled with knowledge and wisdom…” Son of the Ra’avad Rabbi David Vaknin. Has dedication by the author handwritten and signed, to Baba Asbauni. Two pages of handwritten chiddushim. [2]; [9], 100; [1], 38 [2] page. 24cm.
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