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LOT: 013

Lot of 8 books and booklets printed in Jerusalem.

1. TkufatHaChamav’Birkatah, for the Rosh Hashanah machzor of 1953, by the Gaon Rabbi Yehiel Michal Tukochinsky, Jerusalem. 80 pages. Excellent condition. 2. Magen Ba’adi, first section, belonging to the book MegineiAretz by Rabbi AvodiYehi Moshe, Jerusalem 1904. Not bound. Ok condition, 62 pages + 4 pages of corrections. Last page partially missing. 3. KesefTzaruf, drashot on the Torah, at the end is Ma’ayanGanim, a commentary on Song of Songs, and a eulogy for Rabbi Sa’adiya ben Yosef Tzfira. Printed by Refael Haim HaKohen, Jerusalem 1931. Generally good condition. Binding, cover, and last pages disconnected. [4] page. 208, 28, 7, [1] pages. 25 cm. 4. KesefTzaruf, chiddushim on Genesis by Rabbi Sa’adiya ben Yosef Tzfira. Printed by Avraham Moshe Lunz, Jerusalem 1896. Ok to good condition, pages and binding disconnected. Pages 1-4 are missing. Few stains. [3], 5-43 pages. 23cm. 5. KorotHaEtimL’Yeshurunb’EretzYisrael, about the events that the Jewish people experienced from 1834 onwards, including the earthquake of 1837. Printed in Jerusalem by Meir Anshin, printed by Zuckerman 1931. Not bound. Generally ok condition. 13 pages, 22cm. 6. Baraita d’ShmuelHaKatan, on astronomy from the Tana Shmuel. Third edition, with the book TiferetZvi. Printed by Zuckerman 1932. Includes dust jacket. Generally good condition. 4, 49 pages. 7. Pamphlet Teshuva M’Yirah, by the Gaon Aderet—Rabbi Eliyahu David Rabinowitz Teumim, printed to mark completion of a year since his passing, 3rd of Adar 1906 in Jerusalem. Dust jacket. 4, 56 pages. Generally very good condition 8. Am Mordechai, drashot by Rabbi Mordechai Azaron, printed in Jerusalem 1933. Generally very good condition. 2, 52 pages.
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