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LOT: 008

Lot of 7 books from Tunis sages.

1. Pesach Haggadah with the commentary “Orahv’Simcha” by RavKalifaHaKohen and “Sassonv’Yakar” on the way of giving drashot. Completed by his son Rabbi Yehuda MenineiHaKohen. Djerba 1939. At the end of the book is bound the pamphlet “v’TakulGaftza,” partially missing. 2. Chesedv’Eemt by Rabbi Hayyim Khouri, droshim and exegeses, sections 1 and 2. Djerba 1916. 3. Machiv’Masi, chiddushim and exegeses on the Torah by Rabbi RefaelMenineiChadad. Djerba, 1960. 4. (Bound together with) the book Torah v’Yisrael, a book of tales and histories in Judeo-Arabic. Djerba 1956. 5. Ohalei Shem, droshim on the Torah by Rabbi Shimon ben Khalifa Maimon. Djerba 1950. Stain on the cover page. Pages disconnected. Damage to the text on the last page. 6. Divrei Shalom, exegesis on the Ten Commandments in Arabic by Rabbi Shimoni Shalom ben Eliyahu. Djerba 1946. Damage to the cover page. 7. LashashAnochi, commentary on the Tanach and Shas by Rabbi Shlomo ben Moshe Shamama. Livorno 1878. Includes supplications at the end, the holidays, 4 tables with the moon’s cycles, intercalation of the leap year, the list of parshiyot and periods. Original binding, good condition.
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