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LOT: 019

Lot of 7 books from Jerusalem.

1. Birkat Hashem, by the young Sasi Metok Kohen Yonatan. Jerusalem, 1905. Printed by Rabbi Shmuel HaLevi Zuckerman. There are a number of glosses in the book. 2. Research book on the land of our forefathers, by Yisrael Ze’ev Wolf HaLevi Ish Horwitz, Jersualem 1915, printed by the Lifshitz brothers. 3. Kiryat Arba, by Yitzhak Akrish, Jerusalem, 1876. Printed by the partners Rav Agin and Yitzhak Gashtzinni and co. First edition. 4. Shalom Yerushalayim, by Shalom Mizrahi Adani, 1899, printed by Rav Avraham Moshe Luntz. 5. Sha’arei Tzedek, by Rav Avraham Danzig, Jerusalem 1864. 6. Shabbat booklet for the building, Bikur Holim General Hospital in Jerusalem. 1922. 7. Booklet for the Beit Merkaz building for Talmud Torah, Etz Haim. Jerusalem 1908. Different sizes and conditions.
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