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LOT: 019

Lot of 5 books—Venice 1701-1762.

1. Two books bound together: Bat Melech by Rabbi Shimon ben David Abiyov, from Hevron. Together with the book ZeraKodesh, by the kabbalist Rabbi Moshe ben Menachem, the VayakhelMoshe. The books deal with the holiness of and carrying out of the brit. New binding, Bragadin printing, Venice, 1712. 2. ShloshaSrigim, drashot for haftaroth. By Rabbi Yosef Issachar bar Elhanan. Listing of ownership, not checked, on the last page. 2 last pages are disconnected. Not bound. Bragadin printing. 1701. 3. MaftechotHaZohar, two sections. By the ancient kabbalist Rabbi Shmuel. Printed by Bragadin, 1744. 4. PriEtzHadar, the order for Tu Bishvat, by Rabbi Binyamin Espinoza. Bragadin printing, 1762. Different sizes and conditions, generally good condition.
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