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LOT: 037

Lot of 4 important books from Livorno, some with signatures and notes

1. Beit El, prayers, tikkunim, and slichot. 1878. 4, [4], 5-168 pages. Defective cover (a little) with tape, tears and stains. Emphases in pen throughout the book. Tape on the last page. Stains, generally good condition. Stamp of ownership of “Avraham Hai Yosef Haim, in Cochin India” and an additional stamp of “Hazzan, Avraham Hai, Bombay”. 2. Talmud Yerushalmi, Seder Nezikin, first edition of the Pnei Moshe, printed by the author during his lifetime. 1770. [2], 30, 26, 22, 35, 6, 28, 24, 24 pages. Signs of moisture, stains. Generally ok condition. 3. Kodshei David, on the Shulchan Aruch Orech Hayyim, by Rabbi David Hayim Shmuel Hassan, a sage of Algeria. Father-in-law of the Maharit Elgazi, who gave his endorsement to this book. He met Rabbi Chaim Ben Atar, the "Or Haim" and immigrated with him to Jerusalem, which is mentioned in the copy before us in a handwritten inscription signed by Rabbi David Tzabach (1869-1956), author of "Shoshanim L’David" - Livorno, 1792. [3], 27, 138 pages. Moth damage and stains throughout the book. Fair general condition. 4. Da’at Zkeinim by the Tosafot according to Rashi on the Torah, with the work Minchas Yehuda by Rabbi Yehuda bar Eliezer, “Until now we have not been discovered in light of the print ... ". Printed with Efer Ya'akov [separate cover page] by Rabbi Ya'akov Ben Yitzchak Yosef Nunis Weiss of Livorno. With the consent of HaHida - First Edition Livorno 1783. [9], 90, 29 pages. Tears, various stains, fair to good general condition.
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