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LOT: 233

Lot of 3 volumes from the Prophets, with translation into Bukhari, with a binding donated by the Chabad Rebbe. Jerusalem 1907-1915

Three volumes from the Prophets: Joshua and Judges, Shmuel I and II, and Isaiah, with commentaries of the Metzudot and translation into Bukhari in Hebrew letters. Paper in a soft binding, generally good condition. Especially interesting: The page before the cover has testimony about this edition: “Because the books which remained were not bound, the books were bound with the holy help of the Admor Menachem Mendel Schneerson…” It dates the event to Shvat 1977, the yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak—the Rayatz of Lubavitch. It seems to mean, therefore, that these books lay in the printing press from the time of their printing in the year 1907-1915 until the contribution of the Rebbe in the year 1977, for about sixty years.
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