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LOT: 009

Lot of 3 important works of kabbalah from Jerusalem printings

1. Mevo HaSha’arim, important composition on the foundations of kabbalah, by Rabbeinu Haim Vittel—Jerusalem 1904. Cover with gold letters. [2], 76 pages. Slight staining, lone bits of moth damage, new binding, copy preserved in good condition. 2. Fourth Sha’ar of the Eight Sha’arim of the Arizal. A book of collected writings. First edition printed separately from Sha’ar HaPsukim. Jerusalem 1913. Sidur of Rabbeinu Sar Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi (Rashash) with glosses and chiddushim by Rabb Zeev Wolff Ashkenazi. [2], 94 pages. Moth damage, stains, new binding, golden inscriptions, generally good condition. 3. Otzarot Chaim, composed by Rabbeinu Haim Vittel, received from the Arizal. A foundational work of Kabbalah. First edition, Jerusalem 1907. With endorsement of Admor Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Shapira (the Darchei Tshuva of Munkatch) and Rabbi Shlomo Elyashiv, the Ba’al HaLeshem. With the commentary “Eifo Shlomo” by the kabbalist Rabbi Haim Shalom Davich HaKohen. Stamp of “Yeshivat Sha’ar HaShamayim”. [2], 58 pages. New binding with golden inscriptions. Light stains, few bits of moth damage. Generally good condition.
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