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LOT: 021

Lot of 3 important Shot books from the 18th-19th century: Mayim Amukim (Berlin 1778); Yad Yosef (Jerusalem 1898); Zera Yaakov (Livorno 1784)

1. Question and answers, Mayim Amukim, by Rabbi Eliyahu Mizrahi, the Ram (1435-1526), a posek halacha, scientist, and Jewish-Turkish statesman. Chief Rabbi of the Ottoman Empire, rosh yeshiva, and one of the main three commentators on Rashi’s commentary of the Torah. With another work by Rabbi Eliyahu ben Haim, the Ra’anach (c.1530-1613), a rabbi of Turkey, chacham bashi, and one of the first achronim. Second edition. 104 pages. New binding, repaired cover page, tears on the last pages, mainly not in the body of the text. Stains in some places. Generally ok condition. Signature of ownership. 2. Yad Yosef, first section (Orech Hayyim) by Rabbi Yosef Yehuda ben Dov HaLevi Strasbourg, known as the Dayan of Kasov (1821-1911). In 1896, when he was 75, he moved to Israel and settled in the Old City of Jerusalem, at a place which bordered the Tiferet Yisrael synagogue and next to the home of Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin. When a Hasidic beit din was established in Jerusalem in 1901, the rabbi joined the composition of the Tribunal, headed by Rabbi David Lipman [Dobce] Shubkes, a disciple of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk. The third dayan was Rabbi Tuva Aryeh Dolsberger. The Dayan of Kosov served as a member until his death in 1911. Only, rare edition. 17 pages including an additional cover page. Interesting stamp of ownership with the name “Mordechai ben Rabbi Yaakov Friedman of Mastrich.” Learned note handwritten. Not bound. Small tears in the spine. Generally good condition. 3. Shot Zera Yaakov by Rabbi Yaakov Haim ben Naim (died in 1804), a sage of North Africa and one of its leaders in the 18th century. Rabbi, kabbalist, and posek. During the reign of Rabbi Ya'akov Chaim, the Purim holiday of the Jews of Algiers occurred, which was celebrated following the victory over the Spaniards. As a result, Rabbi Yaakov composed poems in honor of this holiday. Rabbi Ya'akov was buried, apparently, in Livorno, Italy, the last city on his wanderlust, where he also printed his book. Among the Jews of Algeria, he used to be called "the messenger of Jerusalem,” because he immigrated to Palestine and then returned to exile. First edition. [4], 60, [1] page. Bound with the book Yeshuot Yaakov by the same rabbi. Droshim for Genesis and at the end a drash for Shabbat Kala and Shabbat Tshuva, a piyyut for shabbat. [1]. 43 pages. New binding, stains on the first pages. Generally good condition.
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