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LOT: 028

Lot of 3 important books of Halacha

1. “HaAruch Masach” on Tur Yoreh De’ah, by the Gaon HaRav Shabbtai HaCohen Ba’al HaSafti Cohen with glosses of “Minhat Aaron” by his grandson HaRav Aharon bar Moshe. Sedilkav 1820. Good condition, margins of the title page are cut without damage to the text, signatures and lists in Ashkenazi handwriting. 2. Sefer “Torat HaBayit” compiled by Rabbeinu Shlomo ben Aderet—HaRashba, Vienna 1811, moth damage, signature in the title page in Ashkenazi handwriting “HaKodesh Moshe Tzvi Lichtman” 3. “Ohalei Shem” on halachot of gitin, with names of men and women called “shem yosef” by HaRav Shlomo Gintzfried of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Lvov 1907. On the page before the title page there is handwriting on issues regarding the names of the gittin, with stamps of ownership of “HaRav Binyamin Trachman,” “Meir Alter.” Ok condition, defects, torn page.
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