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LOT: 301

Lot of 3 handwritten siddurim. Yemen, 19/20th century.

1. Siddur for the days of the week and Shabbat. The writer was Da’ud Even Kortzan, 1940. In Magaz-Yemen, a small town in North Yemen. At the beginning of the 20th century the Jewish community stood at around 10 families. In winter 1941 there was a large earthquake there that resulted in the deaths of some of the small community, resulting in a large Aliyah to Israel, 6 families gathering 28 souls (5 men, 8 women, 6 girls, 9 boys), though only some made it to Israel (according to the Encyclopedia of Yemenite communities, Section 2, page 292). 56 pages, pages disconnected. Size: 12.5x18cm. Good condition. 2. Siddur for Sukkot. For Hoshanot and Rosh Hashanah. 128 pages, identity of scribe unknown. Pages disconnected, ok condition. 3. Siddur for Pesach, Taanit Esther and Ashmarot. Size: 11.5x16cm, nice writing, unknown scribe, seems to be from Sanaa. Ok condition.
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