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LOT: 081

Lot of 4 books—Joint Committee/Shoah Survivors

1. Machzor for the High Holidays, nusach sfard. Printed by the Joint Distribution Committee, 1947. Before the cover page is glued an official page from Rav Shlomo Shapira, “the head of the religious office of the JDC in Germany” with blessings and condolences for survivors. 2. Introductory book of Mikra by Professor M.Z. Segel. Published by the Jewish Agency and the Joint, Munich, 1947. 3. “Omlegale Yiddin Spalten Yamen” – stories of the Ma’apilim. Published by the Hevra Kadisha of Buenos Aires for Shoah survivors, 1948. Different sizes and conditions, generally ok to good condition.
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