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LOT: 023

Lot of 3 books Sha’arei Rahamim.

1. Questions and answers on the siddur of the Rashash and additional works of kabbalah, by Rabbi Rachamim David Sharim (1869-1934), a Gaon and kabbalist who moved to Jerusalem from Aleppo. Printed by Zuckerman in Jerusalem 1926. 2. Same as above, section 2, with endorsements of Rabbi Yosef Haim Zonenfeld—rabbi of Jerusalem, rabbi of the author Rabbi Haim Shaul Davich and more. On the first page is something written by an unknown hand. Printed by Zuckerman in Jerusalem 1928. 3. Sha’arei Derech HaChaim, third section of the same book. Signature by hand on the cover, by Rav David Sharam. Printed by Zuckerman 1931. Light moth damage, bindings are missing. Generally good condition.
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